It's not a Paper Plane weekend, but we wanted to send a quick message to you today with an update on how we're doing.

This week, we hit 22 subscribers, which means we're just three more subs from being completely self-sufficient, and we can keep paying students to bring you new stories every other week. Then, we'll be on our way towards our next goal: Increasing our freelancing rate, up to $0.20/word. Spread the word!

Another bit of big news: The Paper Plane website has gone open source! This is a really innovative step that means anyone can help us build out our website. It also means that whatever we build can be replicated by other journalists who want to publish their own newsletter and use our design.

The first project we're hoping some keen developers will take a crack at is streamlining our subscription process. We know it's a little more complicated than it should be. Once that's finished, we're hoping to build a real-time subscriber dashboard that will count precisely how many subscribers and how much revenue we're generating so everyone can follow along together.

If you didn't get last Saturday's issue, it might be because you've signed up, but haven't paid yet. If you had planned to be a paid subscriber but didn't receive our story about river surfing, you can follow these instructions to make sure you receive next weekend's issue.

That's all for today. We'll see you next weekend with our next story. ✈️